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What is Tank Chain

Tank Chain is a modular continuous track system suitable for any tracked vehicle. It provides excellent grip and is extremely tough making it the perfect tracked option for your next robotic vehicle. It is also modular and can be driven with standard off the shelf sprockets. The length is adjustable to match your design and has literally hundreds of standard sprocket options. If any section of the track becomes damaged, you can quickly and easily replace it without any special tools.

Tank chain consists of two parts, the tread and the roller chain hardware. The tread is a solid rubber design, over-molded around two stainless steel pins. The pins provide strength and the rubber provides grip.

These treads are connected with standard roller chain hardware. This hardware slides over the pins and is held in place with a spring clip. The roller chain joins all the treads together to form the track. Since the roller chain conforms to ANSI standards it can be driven with off the shelf roller chain sprockets.